Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers!

Do you take reservations? 

We don’t. Every wine adventure is different, so it is impossible to know how long to hold a table. But we have a variety of spaces to sit, stand and lean, so come on out!

How much does a tasting cost? 

You only pay for what you try. Prices are shown on our wine machines and vary depending on the size of your pour and the wine you choose. We have tastings starting from $1.40 up to over $10 for exotic wines you might not otherwise have the chance to sample!

How much is a Wine Passport? 

Our Wine Passport is totally free and yours to keep! You only pay for the pours you choose. Pricing is specific to the wine chosen and is displayed on the screen of the dispensing machine.

How do I pay? 

The wine system keeps track of your individual selections. Choose your own adventure and we’ll settle up with you when you’re ready to go.

Is a tasting from your machine as good as ordering the bottle? 

It’s the same! Our machines dispense wine right from its original bottle. The system pressurizes the bottle so the wine remains as if it was just opened for 30 days. All of our wines are too delicious to last that long!

What if I’m not a wine drinker? 

No problem! We offer a great selection of beers and spirits as well.

Do you make cocktails? 

While we offer a variety of spirits, we’re a tasting bar, not a cocktail bar. Our spirit selections are intended for sipping and savoring on their own.