Sommelier Showdown

Kansas City’s wine connoisseur competition benefitting Hope House. Who will be crowned KC’s Sage of Wine?

Sail Away Wine’s Sommelier Showdown brings together wine enthusiasts from across the KC region to raise money for Hope House, a domestic violence shelter in the Kansas City area, by competing for the title of Kansas City’s Sage of Wine 2023!

Check out highlights from last year’s competition.


All Proceeds Benefit Hope House!

Congratulations to Kerri Lesh, the 2023 Sage of Wine!

Grand Prize $1000

Second Prize $300

Entry Fee: $15

The contest follows Sail Away Wine’s philosophy that great wine leads to great fun and great memories. As such, the contest will feature an all-star panel of judges and after-event entertainment. Individuals will compete in a tournament to advance to the championship round with the hope of taking home the grand prize: $1,000 cash!

Each competitor will partake in a blind wine tasting and have 3 minutes for each wine to provide written answers following wine tasting standards. The winners will advance to the next round, similar to a tournament bracket. Tastings can be performed during normal business hours anytime between the dates for each round, except for the semifinals & final, which must be attended on March 1, 2023 at 6pm.

All registration fees, ticket sales, cash donations, and a portion of Sail Away Wine’s sales go to benefit Hope House

How to Sign Up

Visit Sail Away Wine anytime during normal business hours to complete your entry form, pay your $15 entry fee, and taste your first round of wine! Entry deadline is January 29!

Competition Rounds and Dates

(Results for each round will be posted here!)

  • Round 1 • January 2–January 29, 2023 • Normal business hours • Unlimited contestants • 1 Wine
  • Round 2 • January 31–February 5, 2023 • Normal business hours • Top 32 contestants • 1 Wine
  • Round 3 • February 7–12, 2023 • Normal business hours • 16 contestants • 2 Wines
  • Quarterfinals • February 14–19, 2023 • Normal business hours • 8 contestants • 2 Wines
  • Semifinals/Final • March 1, 2023 • 6:00pm

Semi-Finals and Final Round

The semifinals and final rounds will be conducted live March 1 from 6-8pm with the 4 finalists participating in in-person tastings against their respective opponents. The format: 2 Wines each round with 3 minutes for each wine. The winner takes home the coveted Sage of Wine trophy.


Official Contest Rules

Official Contest Rules, including how to enter the contest, are available here or by written request to Sail Away Wine, 309 Armour Road, North Kansas City, Missouri 64116, prior to July 1, 2023.

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